Helpful Hints for our Events
Welcome to the golf season.  My name is Rich Luczkowski and my phone number is 414-423-9932.  I am the tournament director for our Mens Club.  I hope to provide you with some quality tourneys this season.  Call me if you have questions.

1.  If you sign up for an event, you are responsible for the green fees if you do not cancel 14 days prior to the event, no ifs, ands, or buts.

2.  Try to arrive about 30 minutes before you tee off to pay your money, and get organized and find out the particulars of the event.  Most of the time you will be paying me at the course, and the club pays the greens fee for all of us. Carts are paid separately to the course we're at. If you're not rushing around before your tee time you may find out that it actually helps your game.

3.  Because I want to keep mistakes down to a minimum I will enter all the data in the computer and then determine winners.  Winners will still get their winnings at the meeting following the event. 

4.  PACE OF PLAY IS IMPORTANT so keep up with the group ahead of you.  I would suggest walking a more brisk pace to your ball and formulating a strategy as you proceed to your ball.  I am not saying to run obviously, but to get some good exercise walk faster.  You may find you do not tire so easily if you keep a faster pace. Call up the group behind you on par 3's, if they're on the tee. This really helps speed up play.

5.  Have some fun on the course.  I don't think we're out here for the money, so don't worry about some bad shots, everybody has them (some more than others).

6.  Play your matches before the deadline date.  Don't wait for the other guy to call, you initiate the call. You never know about the weather.  If you have questions call Rich or talk to me when you see me.  Have a good season!!