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Second Team Info
Basic Second Team Rules

1. NO cell phone use. If you use your cell phone to call or receive calls you are disqualified. GPS use is allowed for the phone.

2. You CANNOT wear any denim pants. You will not be permitted to play if you are wearing denim pants. If you have wind pants to go over your denim pants you can play, but you have to wear the wind pants the whole round.

3. You must sign the official scorecard at the end of the round. Your foursome MIGHT get together at the end of the round, to go over the points won & see if everyone is in agreement with the final tally. Some guys just go with the computer tally.

4. You must wear a shirt with a collar. Mock turtlenecks and turtlenecks are considered collars for the second team events.

For all the rules check the second team rules link, which will be updated in April. The above rules are the ones that come into play the most.
John Lange Captain
Criteria used to determine the second team champion:

1. The person with the most points won (maximum 3 event total).
2. If two or more are tied with points, the tie breaker will be the lowest average NET score of the three or less events used in the compilation of points total to the third decimal point.
3. If still tied co-champions will be declared.